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The Nativity Cracker

An Amazing Discovery In A Box Of Ritz Crackers. By Ray Favereau

This is not a joke or hoax it's an actual cracker with the images depicted below!

**UPDATE** Today is September 23rd, 2009 almost two years after the discovery. The cracker is still in perfect condition with the images still very much intact. There is no rot or decomposition on the cracker at all.

The image below has been enhanced to help you to see the images only when you see the drawings.
Otherwise the images are as the cracker appears.

Both images appear on the same side of the cracker.
The image below has not been enhanced in any way. It's the actual cracker.

Please read the entire story and look at all the pictures.

What are the odds that you would find something like this with both images on the same side of the cracker? It must be sent from above!

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I would like to tell you all a little about my unique yet ordinary experience with this very rare and unusual discovery. Early afternoon on Monday November 26, 2007, I sat down to a nice bowl of beef barley soup. After warming the soup in the microwave I decided to add a few crackers to the mix to make it more of a comfort food for me. One of my favorite things to eat with soup is a buttered cracker. I looked in my cabinet hoping to find some saltines but remembered that I only had a new box of Ritz Crackers, the one with Rachel Ray on the front of it. After gathering the crackers, butter and soup I sat down and began to indulge.

I reached down to opened the box of Ritz Crackers and found the the first package of crackers were stuck to the bottom of the box. So I pulled on the package, removed it and then crumbled five or six crackers into the soup. After that, I stirred them in, and took a good taste. Then I reached down and grabbed a couple more crackers and buttered them. I started to eat my soup and again reached for more crackers out of the package. When I looked into the package I thought it was strange to find half a cracker in the pack. The funny thing was that the cracker was cut exactly in half, but the other half of the cracker was missing. All the crackers before and after were completely normal. None were cracked or damaged. I picked up the half of cracker only to find that cracker was not cracked in half but folded in half from the factory. Iíve eaten tons of Ritz Crackers and hadnít seen this ever before. I set the cracker aside and finished my soup. Then I sat there for a few minutes watching the afternoon news and picked up the cracker again to examine it. Something told me to look at it.

When I picked up the cracker to look at it, I briefly saw what appeared to be a figure or silhouette. The silhouette resembled a woman looking down or bowing her head. After really looking at the cracker I realized it wasn't a woman bowing her head in fact it was a woman holding a child. It appeared to be Mary Holding Baby Jesus. Then I turned the cracker 180 degrees and I couldnít believe my eyes. I saw a face. I couldnít believe it. As I adjusted my position in the light I was amazed to find that there truly was a face on the cracker.

From that point my interest was peaked and I began to really analyze this remarkable discovery. I took a photo of the cracker and enlarged it on my computer. Not only was there a face, there was a lot more. The face became very clear. This was an image of a King with a crown. Is this God looking down at Mary holding Jesus? If one image is Mary holding Baby Jesus then the other image must be of God looking down at her. As you look into the pictures that I have taken youíll see the images. You can clearly see a head and looking closely you see what appears to be a crown on top of the head. If you study the face you will see the eyes, nose, cheeks, and hairline. When you look down the face you can see what appears to be a mustache and beard and an outline of the lips. From just under the chin youíll see what appears to be a robe covering the neck and chest. Finally thereís a shawl covering the shoulders. Something miraculous about the cracker is that both images are on the same side of the cracker. That has to be some sort of devine intervention. Turn it one way and you see God looking down at Mary holding Jesus, and turn it the other way and you see Mary holding Baby Jesus.The back or top of the cracker is normal. At first I thought I was going crazy but after showing the cracker to many, they all agree with me and see the images themselves. Our local TV station, channel 10 in Tampa even wrote an article about it. Tampa News Article

Sit back from the screen about 3 feet and focus on the center of each cracker.

This is the other side or top of the cracker.
Notice how the cracker was baked almost exactly in half.

These are the first two very bad photos I took of the cracker
The other photos were taken after I learned how to use the camera.

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